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As a business owner, you would never want anything to get in the way of your success if it could have been avoided. This is why business insurance is a must. At Signet Insurance Group, we know that business insurance is necessary for any business’ success. Without the right business insurance, the future of your business is in jeopardy. There are several different types of business insurance and it’s important that you have the right policies in place to protect your business.

Main Types of Business Insurance

It is important that you have the right policies in place to fully protect your business from disaster. Signet Insurance Group is here to talk about each of them in detail.
– General Liability: General liability is a broad commercial insurance policy that covers general liability exposures of business. If there is a situation that a customer or employee gets injured on your commercial property, you need to have a business liability in place to help cover any medical expenses, repairs or legal expenses that may be needed. If you do not know what is covered by your business liability protection or, better yet, what is excluded; Signet Insurance Group can help. Call us to review your policy for limitations to determine if important coverage or endorsements need to be added. We can help you find and obtain the best insurance coverage for your company. After all, it costs as little as pennies a day to protect your business so don’t wait until you have a loss to find what coverages you should have purchased!
– Commercial Property: You want to make sure that your commercial property is covered if there is any damage that happens for one reason or another. This could include signage, furniture, equipment and even inventory. Some of the events that could lead to damage include vandalism, water damage, fire damage or even storm damage. This insurance can be valuable when you have repairs to take care of.
– Commercial Auto: Organizations that utilize vehicles in their business operations must safeguard their business with a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy. Signet Insurance Group can help you find the best commercial auto insurance policy to provide all of your vehicles with protection, whether you have a fleet of delivery vans or your employees operate their own vehicles for business errands. Some businesses have several different vehicles that are used to keep your business running. This insurance can provide coverage for auto liability, collision, and under insurance or uninsured motorists. Call us to customize a commercial auto insurance policy based on the exclusive needs and operational functions of your commercial vehicles today.
– Worker’s Compensation: Any businesses that have employees will need to have worker’s compensation insurance. This provides coverage for rehabilitation costs or medical expenses that occur when an employee is injured on the job. Regardless of who is at fault for an illness or injury sustained in the workplace, worker’s compensation provides all involved parties with guaranteed protection. As an employer, you can receive peace of mind through your worker’s compensation policy, knowing that all injured employees will receive medical expense coverage. In turn, employees can rest assured knowing they will not have to pay for medical costs out of pocket after a work-related injury. Allow the insurance professionals at Signet Insurance Group to provide you and your employees with the protection you both deserve.
– Business Income: If your business were to have to close its doors for any reason, this insurance would cover the payroll or pay for any relocation costs that might be present.
– Crime Insurance: You may want to have protection for the event that burglary, theft, forgery or computer fraud were to happen.
– Cyber Liability: In today’s world, you have to be worried about a cyber attack or data breach. This can help with any legal fees that you may run into or other expenses that are related to any cyber attacks that could potentially damage your business.
– Equipment Breakdown: If your business relies on equipment to run, you will want to make sure that equipment is covered in case you need it to replace or repair it.
– Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella insurance can be helpful to cover astronomical costs and provide an added layer of protection in high loss situations. It kicks in if the cost of a claim exceeds your policy’s limit of liability.

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At Signet Insurance Group, we know how important it is to be fully covered as a business in the case that disaster strikes. We will help you protect your business and investments by helping you find the best business insurance policies for your needs. Call us today!

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