What Do Most Basic Homeowners Insurance Policies Not Provide Coverage for in Desert Shores, NV?

When it comes to protecting your home, most homeowners want to do whatever is necessary to do it. Your homeowners insurance coverage does just that. However, there are times where your basic policy isn’t going to be enough to give you complete coverage for your property. While it might seem budget friendly to have basic coverage and that’s it, you might want to make adjustments wherever your budget allows you to do so. That way, should something happen, you aren’t left hung out to dry. Signet Insurance Group is here to talk about why you may want to consider how much coverage you have with a basic homeowners insurance policy.

Additions You May Need to Make to Your Basic Homeowners Insurance Policy

While it is great to have homeowners insurance to cover your home, you might find that there are circumstances where that isn’t going to give you enough coverage in the case that the worst possible scenario happens. Here are some additions that you may want to consider that will give you more coverage for your home:
– Extended Dwelling: When it comes to fully rebuilding your home, that is going to be different than what you could get if you were to sell your home tomorrow. This insurance policy can help cover the cost should you have to completely rebuild your home because it was a total loss.
– Building Ordinance or Law Coverage: There are always changes being made to codes and regulations. When you have to have your home rebuilt, there are likely going to be upgrades that are required to meet those codes. This policy will cover all of those upgrades.
– Replacement Up-Front Cost Coverage: When you have this coverage, you can choose to not rebuild in the current location of the home when you experience a total loss. You will simply get the payout and put it toward either a new build or a different house in a different location.
– Personal Property Replacement Coverage: Your home is filled to the brim with your personal belongings. If you lose those, say in a house fire, you want to make sure that you have compensation that will help you replace those items. You will get the money to replace the item with something identical or comparable.
– Personal Offense Coverage: When you have this coverage, you are protected against a number of different lawsuits that could come your way including slander, defamation of character, libel, invasion of privacy, or other offenses. This can even cover any comments that you or your children make online.

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