General Liability Insurance; How Could a Slip & Fall Accident Impact Your Business in Henderson, NV?

When you own and operate a business, it is important that you ensure your business is protected against all the “what ifs.” If you aren’t prepare for these events, they can end up ruining your business and are a threat to your investment. One threat that you have to make sure you’re prepared for is a slip and fall accident on your commercial property. It is important that you know how to handle a slip and fall accident in your business so that your business doesn’t suffer because of it. Signet Insurance Group is here to talk about the steps that should be taken if you have someone slip and fall in your business.

What to Do if a Customer Falls at Your Business?

It is important that your employees know how to handle a slip and fall accident in your business. When the same procedure is followed every single time, it leaves less room for mistakes to be made that can end up costing your business in the end.
– Get Medical Attention: Whenever a slip and fall accident occurs, there is a chance that an injury has happened. Making sure everyone involved in the accident is safe should always be the number one priority. Make sure that people are evacuated from the area if there is anything unsafe about the situation.
– File an Incident Report: After everyone is safe and sound, it is time to gather all the needed information to file a complete incident report. You are going to want to have as many details as possible. You will need to contact information of all the customers, employees and other witnesses to the incident, first of all. You will also need to get her any video or photo evidence that might have been taken during the time of the accident as well. Get the information as soon as possible as it can be difficult to track it down if employees move on from the position.
– Report Claims ASAP: Hopefully, you have insurance that covers your business in these sorts of situations. You will want to contact your insurance agent to make a timely claim about the incident. This is going to be most beneficial for all of the parties that are involved in the incident. It is important that there is a line of communication that is opened between the insurance adjustors and the claimants so that the issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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If you own and operate your own business, you need to make sure your business is protected against things like slip and fall accidents. At Signet Insurance Group, we can help you get set up with some business insurance that helps to offer the protection your business needs against all the “what ifs” that could possibly happen and leave your business in a bad position. Call us today!

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