What is the Insurance Definition of Flood VS Water Damage in a Paradise, NV Home?

When your home has been damaged by a lot of water, you may reach for your homeowner’s insurance policy and see if you are covered. When you are looking over your insurance policy, you may become confused over water damage insurance and flood damage insurance. Some people believe flood and water damage is the same thing. However they are very different. To help clear any confusion about water damage and flood damage insurance, Signet Insurance Group will define and share the differences of these two types of insurance policies.

Why Doesn’t Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Flood damage insurance covers water damage that occurs to a home as the result of a natural disaster. When it floods, or a major storms rolls in or there is damage from melting snow, the damage to a home is often categorized as having “flood damage.” Additionally, you should be aware that flood damage is an optional add-on policy that isn’t usually part of a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. The National Insurance Program defines flood as a general and or temporary condition of flooding that has partially or completely submerged an area or home. At least two or more acres of normally dry land needs to flooded which has also involved the policyholder’s home. Flood damage insurance is an add-on policy that is designed to help those who live in areas where they may encounter flood damage. Even areas in a Las Vegas home can have threats of flooding. Southern Nevada can have sudden rain storms which results in flooding. As flooding is not a common problem, many homes have been and are built in flood zones. For those who discover they are in the path of a potential flood, it would be a good idea to seek out flood damage insurance.

What Qualifies as Insurance for Water Damage?

Water damage is categorized as water from a faulty appliance, broken pipe, backed up sewer drain and overflows. Water damage that is the result of a feature of the home is often considered to have water damage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will have water damage as part of the policy. There are a few exceptions where rain can cause water damage in the home, and it is categorized as water damage and not flood damage. When the home roof has developed a problem and allowed rain to flow into your home, the home’s structure failure resulted in the water damage in the home. However, you will need to read over your homeowner’s insurance policy to discover water damage and the extent of the coverage.

How to File a Water or Flood Damage Claim

If you have flood damage or water damage insurance and you have related types of damage done to your home, you will need to file a claim. You will need to contact your insurance and provide a report concerning the damage, the source and the extent of the damage. The insurance company will send out an inspector and adjuster to document and move forward in aiding the homeowner in restoring their home.

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